New year, new changes

2019 brought new challenges to the recycling industry and with that came changes to our operations. Our long-time customers know that when Ag Plastic Solutions was founded, the goal was to create value for the materials and be able to pay our customers for the materials they brought for recycling. The trend continues to lead us away from that goal, unfortunately. In January 2020 we had to implement tip fees for the first time on some materials. These fees are to help cover our handling costs that we can not get from the marketplace when we sell the materials to our manufacturing companies. See the materials accepted page to see what the fees are. We are optimistic that there will be a time that we can roll the fees back off, as there is continued interest in pilot projects with various agencies and companies to foster relationships where we can develop better end uses, and value, for the challenging materials we work with. The most challenging material we see from farms is the mulch film as it has no market at this time. We will update our customers through this website and our Facebook page on any new developments. Check back regularly!

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