Concrete Contractors!

Do you need to form complex contours for concrete jobs?

We have a solution for you? Why buy plywood for each job when Miura Board recycled plastic and carpet sheets can be used over and over again?

Currently available at $89/ sheet. At 1/2” thick and 40” x 8’ sheet size, you can get several forms from one sheet. Our most flexible 9010 sheet is perfect for the job!

Volume discounts available

Get yours today!

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New product!

We are now selling Miura Board plastic composite sheets that are made from recycled plastic and carpet.

Will not rot as there is no wood inside

Insect and mold resistant

Will not expand like traditional poly boards

Will not split when screwed near the edges

Cut with any typical saw blade. No diamond tip needed.

Resists most solvents

Made in Texas by Athyron LLC

4 Different products that vary in flexibility depending on the project.

Colors available are various shades of gray. Some color variation between sheets should be expected as it is a recycled product. We are currently only carrying sheets 1/2” x 40” x 8’. Introductory price of $89.00 per sheet.

Volume discounts available

We are looking into offering a tongue and groove board. More information on that in the future.

Call or email today to place an order! Delivery available for additional charge.

Call Justin @ 727-658-9660

Refurbished Vertical Baler for sale

As a recycling company that bales cardboard and
plastics ourselves, we know what is required to get the
job done! This baler has been tested when it came in
our shop to verify that it makes nice heavy bales in the amount of time it was designed to. It makes 1,000-1,200 pound OCC cardboard bales with ease! Some electrical
components have been replaced. The old hydraulic oil was purged and filled with new 46w oil. New primer
and paint has been applied to make it look new again.
All factory applied decals have been replaced. Very low use on motor and pump. This machine is ready to
bale! This is a fully functional baler with all safety
features present and operating.
460V 3-phase
10hp motor

Fall Is here!

Fall is the time of year when we clean up around our homes, farms, and businesses in preparation for winter. Now is the time to put away the tools and equipment that were used all through the growing season. This cool weather that has been ushered in makes for great working temperatures!

Before all the leaves fall from the trees and the snow piles up high, gather up all your plastics and recycle the eligible materials!

Bundle up that drip tape as you lift it frDrip Tapeom the rows, but make sure you keep and reuse those pricey fittings and nozzles! They’ll come in handy next year! Simply remove the crop material as the tape is wound up into a manageable size. Store it somewhere where the leaves can’t get mixed into it until you are ready to send it off for recycling.

All of the starter trays, pots, and flats that are taking up space can be sent off to recycle, too!

Did you know that you can earn 5 cents a pound by for the #6 polystyrene material? Simply have it separated from the other material and if it is a large volume, have it stacked on a pallet! We do accept the #2 hdpe and #5 polypropylene pots and trays as well! However, we can only offer free disposal at this time on those. All material must be reasonably clean and dry! Knock out the potting soil. You paid for it and we don’t need it!

Contact us when you are ready to send your recyclables off! For info on what else we accept for recycling see the materials tab above!



Commercial Recycling solutions

Does your business have recycling needs that just are not being fulfilled? Are you interested in getting closer to your goal of zero waste going to landfills? We can help! If you have plastics and cardboard that you wish to see recycled, please contact us today to see what options are available. Some of the plastic materials we have handled in the past include:

  • Reels
  • Rinsed Drums
  • Pallets
  • Bottles & Trays
  • Rinsed Liquid Totes

We are always looking for new ways to serve our customers, so feel free to see what we can do for you!