Materials We Accept

Currently handling the following materials. Must be separated and reasonably clean and dry!

Livestock operations

  • Bale wrap
  • Black and white silage bags/bunker covers (without the nylon webbing)
  • Plastic twine
  • Woven plastic feed bags
  • Softener salt bags and similar bags
  • Super sacks

Produce Growers

  • Greenhouse covers
  • Drip tape
  • Flats
  • Trays
  • Pots


  • Clear Stretch Film
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Dairy chemicals, detergents, hay preservative buckets & barrels
  • Plastic truck bed liners
  • Some poly lumber scraps. Contact for details!

Not Accepted

  • Pesticide containers-                                                                    Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program-       Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program

    Mulch film not accepted at this time, but are being actively researched.

    No buckets/ drums that contained oils

    We no longer take oxygen barrier films, newspaper and magazines as these have such little value if any at all.

Empty sacks and gaylords are available in small quantities upon request!

Have plastics that are not listed? Contact us!

If it is plastic, we probably have a home for it!

Hours of Operation

Mondays are the best days, but please contact us first!

Call 24 hours before coming as this is a part time venture at this time.
Steady hours are coming in the future!

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