New Location!

We have moved! Our new location is on Park Rd in Pleasant Hall, Pa. It’s only 4 miles from our home farm where we started it, but gives us the ability to handle more plastics. Call 717-658-9660 for details on how to get started with recycling your plastics and cardboard! Your neighbors will thank you!

Attention Greenhouse Growers!

Replacing your greenhouse clear or white covers? Send them for recycling! Don’t fool with trying to stuff it in a dumpster or burn it. Just roll or fold it up into a easy to handle size package. Keep it dry and out of the mud and give us a call! Many folks have told us just how much easier it is to recycle it!

Windy Days!!

Windy days are made easier with recycling ag plastics! By keeping your plastics in the supersacks, gaylord boxes, or bins, the plastic won’t blow over to your neighbor’s house and get wrapped around their trees. Prep the plastics for recycling as you aquire them and only handle them another time to load them on a truck. Don’t waste time walking all over the place picking up pieces blown all over the place! Many folks have learned that dumpster lids don’t stay closed either, so don’t work so hard to put the plastics in there just to have them blow out! Contact us today to get details!

A Solution for Drip Tape

Drip Tape

Got drip tape? Here’s a solution! Rolling it up or simply wrapping it into managable bundles that are around the size of a pallet is the simplest way we have seen yet to handle them. Cut out the fittings and reuse them as they are not the same plastic material as the tube itself.

Make sure there is no crop residue or hunks of mud and rocks on it as you gather it from the field and bring it on in! Keep your trunk lines separate, too! No need to dumpster or burn these anymore!