Recycled trash can liners

Looking for a good heavy trash can liner that will hold up to the job?

Consider trying our trash can liners that are 50% recycled plastic. Much of our plastic film material that we take for recycling is turned into trash can liners by a manufacturer in New York. Our trash bags are listed under the new product tab, so be sure to check it out! Our most popular bag is the 1.8 mil thick 55 gallon bag. They fit great into 55 gallon cut off barrels that many businesses, parks, and special events use. They are competitively priced, but may not in some instances be the cheapest when compared to the same thickness of bag from another manufacturer. However, many customers have found that they hold up to the task better due to the quality of material. Also, by purchasing these liners, customers can be glad they are supporting agricultural & commercial plastics recycling right here in the mid Atlantic region since they are made from the material used in this area. Recycled content products are not always cheaper because of the effort required to be sustainable above and beyond disposing in a landfill. Contact us for more details. Several pick up and delivery options are available! Se the New Products tab for a full listing!

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