So what is too dirty for recycling?

Many customers ask “What is too dirty for recycling?”. Here is a few photos to give an idea. The cleaner the better!


Above left is trench cover or silage bag that has been driven over with equipment or was picked up and tried to be dried out with a loader. Cut off the excess before rain or before it is in the way of being driven on. Above right is the same material that was rolled up with forage still inside. Please shake out all forage! Feed your animals with it!


Above left is bale wrap that has been driven on. It is much easier for the customer to put clean plastic in a container than it is if it is dirty and water logged. On the right is hay forage that was left in bale wrap. The forage rotted and the odor permeated the plastic rendering it unfit for the end user!

Plastic baler twine is the only twine that is recyclable. Sisal twine contaminates everything and rejects all of the plastic twine! Excessive hay will do the same. Keep the forage that you worked so hard to make!

Recycling can be very simple and easy! However it does take a little more effort than throwing it in the dumpster or burn pile. Just keep it clean and dry by putting it into your preferred container before it gets soiled. Many, many farmers have found that when they got the routine started, recycling truly is achievable. We farm, so we know what you are up against! Feel free to contact us for advice on coming up with “Your Plastic Recycling Solution”

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